Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get Your Good Greetings Stamp Set Now!

From today until Oct. 31, host a party of $300 and earn a free Good Greetings Stamp Set! Don't miss out on this!

Earn your free Good Greetings Stamp Set now!

Now until Oct. 31,  you  will be able to earn an exclusive Good Greetings Stamp Set when your party reaches of  $300-that's in addition to the other exiting benefits! That's right, a FREE stamp set in addition to all the other exciting and generous benefits you get when you host a party from Aug. 28 to Oct. 31! This versatile stamp set covers holidays from Halloween to Valentines and more.
Dates: August 28th- October 31, 2014

So who would like to host a party for me? We can do this in person or do it online. Let me know what you prefer. This would be fun to get a group of people together and work on a project for the upcoming holidays. Remember this offer goes away on Oct 31st so act now. Hope to hear from you soon! 

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